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Adj.1.unmodernised - not brought up to dateunmodernised - not brought up to date    
regressive - opposing progress; returning to a former less advanced state
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PS900,000 "An unmodernised twobedroom, fifth-floor apartment, with lift, river views, balcony and secure underground parking.
PS900,000 "AN unmodernised two bedroom fifth-floor apartment, with lift, river views, balcony and secure underground parking," that's how agents are selling this PS900,000 pad.
5 acres and the house, while impressive, remains largely unmodernised with three bathrooms for the 15 bedrooms.
Mortgage lenders usually expect the property to be habitable and although it's perfectly possible to buy an unmodernised property with a mortgage, lenders sometimes retain some of the money until essential repairs are done.
A statement from the property owner and manager said: "The unmodernised nature of the majority of the assets provides significant potential for value enhancement over the long term".
Julian Bryson, Director of Toocube, comments: "Having been involved with property renovation for some time with unmodernised.
Their old anti-union prejudices and instincts to demonise workers are as poisonous as ever in the unmodernised Conservatives.
These town centres are often attractive in themselves, particularly if they have been left unmodernised but pedestrianised, while others are locations of famous buildings (e.
We've used a range of locations, from unmodernised council flats to large country houses," say www.
The ground Compact and completely unmodernised with the crowd very close to the action.
5) Though size-dualism is widely recognised as a one of the defining characteristics of nineteenth-century business in Britain, and the vast majority of businesses were small in scale and unmodernised in their structure and strategy, business and economic historians have tended to find this a problematic phenomenon.
I have no confidence that it will do the slightest bit of good, but I feel that I should now seek out a suitably quiet and happily unmodernised church, and offer up a little prayer for them all.