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tr.v. un·mold·ed, un·mold·ing, un·molds
To remove from a mold: unmold a lemon mousse.
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Compared with that dark and stern countenance, her brothers' faces, bending low over their soup-plates, were mere circles of pink, unmolded flesh.
Unmolded rubber -- including the material left over from the tire manufacturing process -- can easily be reused in a variety of automotive applications.
Cover and chill until cold and the filing is firm enough to hold its shape when unmolded, at least 1 hour or as long as overnight.
The materials were then modified and applied with a compressed air driven airbrush, firstly as unmolded devices and then as in-mold parts.
Different kinds of tissue form thanks to chemical gradients that spread across that unmolded cellular "clay.
The furnace made pig iron (or unmolded iron) for local forges and household items such as the famous Hopewell Stoves, which made their way into more than 60,000 homes.
They sell a lot of this pate, which is baked in a terrine, unmolded and sliced.
When they were ready he unmolded them and made ovens out of the bricks.
It seemed like an unmolded piece of clay, and I thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help shape it," he said.
Crafted from soft, unmolded, undyed horsehide that faces away from the body, and plush natural sheep's wool that faces against, it provides exceptional all-day comfort.
With a spatula, smooth surface of unmolded ice cream and return to freezer to firm surface, about 30 minutes.
The eggs are cooked in ramekins over a bed of California avocado, unmolded onto a plate, and garnished with asparagus and a tangy lemon sauce.