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 (ŭn-môr′əl, -mŏr′-)
1. Having no moral quality; amoral.
2. Unrelated to moral or ethical considerations; nonmoral.

un′mo·ral′i·ty (-mə-răl′ĭ-tē, -mô-) n.
un·mor′al·ly adv.


outside morality; amoral
unmorality n
unˈmorally adv


(ʌnˈmɔr əl, -ˈmɒr-)

1. not within the scope of morality; neither moral nor immoral; amoral; nonmoral.
2. lacking or unaffected by moral sense or principles.
un`mo•ral′i•ty (-məˈræl ɪ ti, -mɔ-) n.
un•mor′al•ly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
Clear-eyed, from her childhood days with the saloonkeeper Cady and Cady's good-natured but unmoral spouse, she had observed, and, later, generalized much upon sex.
After the first blush of sin comes its indifference; and from immoral it becomes, as it were, unmoral, and not quite unnecessary to that life which we have made.
De jure such data are not secret but it is unmoral to speak about them
31) Living outside of a Christian context, Tamburlaine has no concept of sin and cannot articulate feelings of remorse, but he still recognizes that his "thoughtes" are "tempted" and unmoral, thanks to Zenocrate.
Dating back to imperial times, the Chinese state has long claimed the responsibility of regulating and overseeing religious activities and periodically labeling certain groups as heterodox, Unmoral, and dangerous.
She had seen common-place English couples who, at home, would have tolerated each other for a lifetime, here turning into self-dramatizing figures of tragedy, bored, lax, unmoral, complaining and, in the end, abandoning the partner in hand for another who was neither better nor worse than the first.
Disappear the operation of coding proteins by tumor repressor gens lead to cells division and unnatural and unmoral cells growth or defective apoptosis.
replac[ing] the unmoral standard of acting at one's peril"); Gary T.
Thus, African slow state-building or state collapsing in a few cases have been projected as anti-modernity by explaining systematic underdevelopment in "ahistorical terms of the absence of modernity," forcefully claiming that African ethnicity, supported by backward looking chiefly rule itself is unmoral.
Ethnic Albanian opposition parties and nongovernmental organizations consider it unmoral for "a minister that discriminates ethnic Albanian pupils" rewarded by the rector of Tetovo's State University.
In our follow-up interview with the students, most of them said that they used to think it unmoral to "push the elderly out of the home", but now they felt it was not only reasonable but beneficial for all parties involved.