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1. Sounding harsh to the ear; dissonant.
2. Not skilled or interested in music.

un·mu′si·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unmusically - in an unmusical mannerunmusically - in an unmusical manner; "She sings rather unmusically"
musically - in a musical manner; "She sang very musically"
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I would rather hear less elements in the music played well, than more elements of the music played sloppily or unmusically.
Perhaps somebody would play a concertina and another would have a mouth organ and they would play all the western ballads beloved of cowboys, whilst others sang, not unmusically, with a great deal of feeling about the lone trails and the warm eyed damsels abounding in New Mexico and other places.
People assiduously reproduced positions, but because they moved through their positions unmusically, with no artistry on view, they couldn't be said to be dancing at all.