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Adj.1.unnotched - having no notches
smooth - of the margin of a leaf shape; not broken up into teeth
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The unnotched impact strength of cured blends was measured with Charpy impact tester (XCJD-5 pendulum impact machine, China) according to GB/T 2751-95 Standard of China.
A rectangular 80 by 10 by 4 to 6-mm specimen was prepared, and the impact strength in the flatwise direction was measured with five unnotched sample replicates.
5A), with a straight anterior slope and a wide, V-shaped posterior margin, unnotched in the middle.
Second, the data are presented for each age decade in terms of the percentage of participants with unnotched audiograms and the percentage with notched audiograms.
Concave and thicker blades were better suited to the unnotched foreshaft form.
248 million v-notched females, a controlled v-notching laboratory experiment was conducted to determine whether mortality, shell disease, and the rate of notch loss differed between groups of notched and unnotched lobsters.
3) with a knife and screw the unnotched side onto the only threaded tee on the assembly.
5); (v) trochanter IV unmodified; (vi) basal segment of pygidium unnotched on either dorsal or ventral posterior borders; (vii) fixed process of the male copulatory apparatus with an anteroventral ledge.
From PVC comes its toughness (tensile elongation is in excess of 100% and impact strength is 118 ft/lb by the Charpy Unnotched test), chemical resistance (Kydex meets ASTM D-1784 specs for Type 1, Grade 2, rigid PVC), and a self-extinguishing combustibility rating.