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The artist's interventions enchant the space by equally powerful use of light and darkness that highlight previously unnoticeable details, convert ordinary into unordinary and transform the space unrecognizably.
The commissioner appealed to people to avoid tampering with such unexploded ordinance and to immediately report any unordinary object they come across in the open.
I tend to agree, but while my childhood and young adult life were unordinary (to anyone who didn't grow up a military brat, that is), I always had a place to sleep at night, a table where my family could eat dinner, a place to call home.
This is unordinary on the grounds that such principles are intended to be subordinate enactment did by the legislature without plan of action to the provincial assembly or parliament and are intended to expound and clarify, instead of repudiate the parental enactment.
Unordinary impacts, lighting, different edges, regular and huge stances and a few different regions are there that a picture taker needs to deal with, and especially while it is wedding photography.
This documentary movie tells an unordinary story of the Ukrainian family, based on true facts of the director's family himself.
M2 Transport proudly serves the Warfighter and strives to perform both ordinary and unordinary tasks extraordinarily well.
Concepts beyond experienced nature are often attributed to objects that have unordinary properties but have close physical resemblance to ordinary objects (Cornwell et al.
Attar makes use of irony and even humor to lay bare the ridiculousness of human weakness in the face of God-given turmoil; characters in 'Attar's narrative poem, especially the unordinary, the saintly, the foolish, and the prophetic, challenge God (Kermani, 2011: 163).
If play is unproductive and unordinary, work is supposed to be the epitome of production and real life.
This makes his arrangements very contemporary, accessible, and "listenable" for the average audience member, as well as giving the singer an unordinary accompaniment.
does not lay in any unordinary intelligence as an African man, but in his degree of self-actualization in a racist and oppressive society.