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Noun1.unpaid worker - a person who performs voluntary workunpaid worker - a person who performs voluntary work
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
candy striper - a volunteer worker in a hospital
pledge taker - a volunteer who records (usually by telephone) contributions pledged in a fund drive
vigilance man, vigilante - member of a vigilance committee
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It also appears that in the fulfillment of prophecy, Satan is an unpaid worker in the kingdom of God.
The harm wasn't caused by the unpaid worker operating a motor vehicle, vessel, aircraft or other vehicle.
The Directive therefore applies to all EU nationals who travel to a Member State other than their own as a paid or unpaid worker or service recipient.
It emerges that she is being kept as an unpaid worker by wealthy Weatherfield newcomers Richie and Julia O'Driscoll - who are now the factory's biggest clients.
Doesn't the meaning of the word volunteer imply being an unpaid worker or a ``volunteer?
The Tory-led Government has faced opposition to its unpaid worker experience scheme, with several major employers pulling out.
By training paid and unpaid workers to provide respite, it allows caregivers who are caring for people with special needs across the lifespan (children, adults and seniors) to build networks of support to prevent burnout, and ultimately delay long term placement of their loved ones.
After previous government shutdowns, Congress passed measures to ensure that all unpaid workers received retroactive pay.
The community payback unpaid workers have also been busy repairing and renovating all the benches in the town centre and the Whitesands as well as removing weeds and graffiti from around the town.
The poor and unpaid workers are most unlikely patronise cinemas.
While the government may treat the concerns of unpaid workers as being marginal to its own broader agenda, the reality is that these everyday problems and struggles , when aggregated, help to both diagnose and explain one of the fundamental problems at the heart of governance in Pakistan; for all the emphasis on large infrastructure projects, macro-level indicators of 'growth', and big debates over democratisation and the civil-military balance, there is a basic disconnect between state and citizen in the Land of the Pure.
They include among others, mounting of a tank attached to the main building, final paintings, door's labeling, a permanent dust bin as well as unpaid workers.