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1. Not pleasing to the taste: an unpalatable meal.
2. Not pleasant or agreeable: unpalatable truths.

un′pal·at·a·bil′i·ty n.
un·pal′at·a·bly adv.


the quality or state of being unpalatable
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Noun1.unpalatability - the property of being unacceptable to the mouthunpalatability - the property of being unacceptable to the mouth
taste property - a property appreciated via the sense of taste
disgustingness, distastefulness, nauseatingness, sickeningness, unsavoriness - extreme unpalatability to the mouth
unappetisingness, unappetizingness - the property of spoiling the appetite
palatability, palatableness - the property of being acceptable to the mouth
2.unpalatability - the property of being unacceptable to the mind; "the policy's unpalatability caused an uproar"
disagreeableness - the quality of being disagreeable and unpleasant
disgustingness, unsavoriness - the property of being extremely unacceptable to the mind
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14] Failure to achieve virological suppression in young children may be attributed to several factors, including unpalatability of paediatric drug formulations, high baseline VLs in HIV-infected infants requiring a longer period to suppress, and choice of first-line ART regimens.
Bagenstos asserts, because of the political unpalatability of a frontal
Unpalatability of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid containing moth, Utetheisa ornatrix, and its larva, to wolf spiders.
1) Jacques Barzun has interesting things to say about the unpalatability of classics in Teacher in America, chapter 11, "The Classics off the Shelf"
There is a strong correlation between the unpalatability of brown algae in the tropics and the presence of secondary compounds such as terpenoids or prenylated phenolics (11).
Tadpoles can coexist with predators due to their physiological anti-predatory mechanisms such as unpalatability and rapid growth or due to behavioral responses like search for shelter or activity decrease (FORMANOWICZ JR.