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Adj.1.unpartitioned - not divided by partitionsunpartitioned - not divided by partitions    
united - characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity; "presented a united front"
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2 metres, and considerably large, unpartitioned floor areas compared to the other samples.
The optimum models of substitution selected by jModelTest were TIM3 + G for the 16S gene (for both ML and BI), whereas for COI, different models were selected for ML (GTR + G) and BI (TIM2 + G) for the unpartitioned data set, and TIM 2 + I + G for the codon partitioned data set.
They had to stay there for years, in barbed-wire-surrounded enclaves, all in remote, desolate areas far from population centers, in barracks with unpartitioned toilets and cots for beds, and armed guards around them (Ng 2002).
H] such that L-types have a stronger comparative advantage in one of the parts than in the unpartitioned signaling dimension; that is, we have
Women have to sleep cramped in corners in their small cubicles next to the member of the other families when they were in the large unpartitioned halls.
It can be important to know before recruiting volunteers whether partitioning will likely be useful, because this can influence the size of the desired sample, as suggested sizes for partitioned samples are often much larger than those for unpartitioned samples (1).
The first three levels are occupied and the fourth level is an unpartitioned storage area.
Rajputs, who ruled most states of unpartitioned subcontinent, foresaw their inglorious exit from not only the political scene after independence but also feared losing their centurys old identity.
She said the new stadium seating will give organizers the opportunity to sell reserved tickets, which was tough for the unpartitioned benches.
This one, taken on the unpartitioned gallery (ruai), depicts that quintessential Iban institution--the berandau--a longhouse gathering composed, in this case, of men, women, and children, drawn up in a semi-circle, deep in conversation with a visitor.
Fee simple (FS) equivalent property interests are premised on perpetual and unpartitioned rights and cash flows.
Simulation experiments were conducted and the results show a performance improvement of 36% to 65% over unpartitioned case.