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Adj.1.unpasteurised - not having undergone pasteurization
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Cautions have always been placed on the purchase of breast milk online as it is unpasteurised and often not kept in sterile equipment.
The infection can also be contracted by eating contaminated food or drinking unpasteurised milk.
Made on Royal Deeside to a family recipe, the unpasteurised cheese is hand-pressed using two different curds and has a creamy texture.
She produces Anster cheese using unpasteurised milk from her husband Robert's herd of cattle.
DANGERS Mothers-to-be are already told they should not smoke, eat unpasteurised cheese or drink heavily.
Mers CoV virus could remain active for 48 hours at 20C and unpasteurised camel milk could be a major cause for infection,
She explained that the new conditions and laws would help in the protection of the Victorians from the risks of drinking raw "bath" unpasteurised milk.
THE North East's only farm to sell its own unpasteurised milk is to host a free event on the health benefits of the product.
The in-vitro part of the study was to assess the absorption, absorption speed and apparent permeability of L-citrulline from an unpasteurised natural watermelon juice (NW), a pasteurised watermelon juice (PW) or control of L-citrulline + water.
This growth was supported by the Pilsner Urquell brand which performed strongly during the period, growing by 17%, helped by rapidly accelerating sales of its unpasteurised tank beer following a trial launched in the summer.
Real ale in a bottle is unpasteurised and is not artificially carbonated.