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Adj.1.unpasteurised - not having undergone pasteurization
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This beer is unfiltered and unpasteurised so is naturally hazy in the glass.
Porky's will be the only bar in Liverpool to have unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell Tank beer alongside a drinks menu that includes spirits, wine and cocktails.
coli infection include unpasteurised milk, unpasteurised apple cider, and soft cheeses made from raw milk.
VISITORS to the Royal Welsh Show are being warned to be vigilant for symptoms of food poisoning after samples of unpasteurised milk were given out.
FOUR people have been struck down with a severe case of food poisoning linked to unpasteurised or "raw" cow's milk sold at the Royal Welsh Show.
The pub will have more than 60 unique world ales, as well as the Budvar's unique unpasteurised tank beer Tankove Pivo, that has matured for 90 days.
Health authorities said unpasteurised Dunsyre Blue, made by Lanarkshire firm Errington Cheese, was the most likely cause.
In July, HPS called for a recall of Dunsyre Blue, which is made from unpasteurised cow's milk.
by Times News Service The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has advised people to avoid consumption of unpasteurised milk and soft cheese or direct contact with the infected animals as the disease also spreads through skin wounds, mucous membranes, or different body fluids.
Together, they are looking to create unpasteurised cheese to sell into the many specialist shops across the UK that have sprung up to cater for the increasing demand in top-quality British cheeses.
Traditionally made with unpasteurised ewe's milk, the artisan cheeses have a ridged rind made from esparto grass.
Now a Huddersfield farm is hoping to recruit a new army of admirers for raw, unpasteurised milkwith the cream on top.