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Adj.1.unpigmented - having no pigmentationunpigmented - having no pigmentation    
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The ORS, which is composed of layers of unpigmented cells, mainly provided a place for the differentiation of the follicular stem cells (Alonso and Fuchs, 2003).
One emerging technology combines laser hair removal with the insertion of a silver nanoparticle into the unpigmented hair follicle.
Crocodiles, which are close relatives, have unpigmented eggs too; they bury their eggs.
Finally, many serpulids do not appear to possess superficially obvious radiolar eyes, but without exhaustive TEM surveys it is difficult to rule out the presence of unpigmented eyes in fresh tissue or in preserved tissue that has lost pigmentation.
He had see through skin and his body was covered in lanugo - which is very thin, soft and usually unpigmented hair found on the body of a foetus or newborn baby.
Habitus typical Neanurinae, lacking blue hypodermic pigment; eyes 2+2, unpigmented.
Those unpigmented hairs were puzzling, says Hopi Hoekstra, the Harvard evolutionary biologist who led the new study.
The disease occurs more commonly in cattle that have areas of unpigmented skin around the eyes.
The samples were primed twice with an unpigmented polyurethane topcoat (ADLER Pigmo-top G50 binder basis polyacrylate resin and cellulose acetobutyrate) to prepare an even substrate and to avoid clustering of the lacquer--pigment mixture on the surface structure.
Although the frequency of unpigmented individuals in a population ultimately is dependent on mutation rate, that frequency also may be affected by such environmental factors as habitat fragmentation and loss, which habitually lead to inbreeding as a result of reduced population numbers.
However, geneticists and mathematicians at the Universities of Bath and Edinburgh have discovered that one cause of the unpigmented areas, which are often seen on the abdomen, is that a defective gene slows the cells' rate of multiplying.
White cats or those with unpigmented white noses or ears are at the greatest risk of sunburn so we generally recommend they are kept indoors during hot weather.