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vb (tr)
to remove from a pile



v. -piled, -pil•ing. v.t.
1. to disentangle or remove from a pile or a piled condition: to unpile boxes.
2. to become removed or separated from a pile or piled condition.
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He buried the embers of the fire and the remnants of food, unpiled any stones he had piled together, filled up the holes he had scooped in the sand" (232).
And a moment later, although officials had signaled an Oregon recovery of the onside kick, everybody waited until they unpiled the players, and a Duck held up the football.
An acquaintance of mine who raised turkeys commercially went wild every Fourth of July because the fireworks in a nearby village invariably sent thousands of birds piling up in corners where they would suffocate unless he waded in and unpiled them.