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Adj.1.unpompous - not pompousunpompous - not pompous        
unpretentious - lacking pretension or affectation; "an unpretentious country church"; "her quiet unpretentious demeanor"
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His quick smile, unpompous style and off-the-cuff remarks endeared him to fellow clerics, diplomats and journalists.
For all his unpompous collegiate attitude, John was insistent on his standards, although subtle in the way he did it.
I did not know him well, but you did not need to be a close friend of Tueni's to be dazzled by his combination of erudite cosmopolitanism, unpompous patriotism and pride, and professional dedication.
Journalists, in my experience, are generally easy-going, unpompous people whose chief concern is to unravel good stories from the tangled skein of everyday monotony and pass them on.
And even if the pictures, grainy black and whites alternating with generic performance colors, aren't so snappily showcased, the book seems to conjure up the mood of the whole Kansas City enterprise: easy, smart, quick, unpompous, ideal for sleek, professional-looking dancers who meet your eyes in these pages.
In his forties and refreshingly unpompous, he does a vast amount of good works for those less blessed in life's lottery than himself.
Then most people would have been reminded what an unpompous, human sort of chap he is and warmed to him as such a concerned prospective father.