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Adj.1.unpredicted - without warning or announcementunpredicted - without warning or announcement; "they arrived unannounced"; "a totally unheralded telegram that his daughter...died last night"- M.A.D.Howe
unexpected - not expected or anticipated; "unexpected guests"; "unexpected news"
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Of special note is the Epilogue which casts an incredible and unpredicted twist to the entire story.
With today's climate warming occurring at such a fast pace, more unpredicted wobbles could occur.
The hike comes after stocks rebounded from a heavy slip Monday, hammered by the Central Bank's unpredicted decision late Sunday to raise interest rates 200 basis points.
Estimated value excluding VAT: RON 22,027,046 of which RON represents the various and unpredicted expenses, respectively 0% of the reference value.
Instead of being a monopoly rice trader, the NFA should be limited to an agency maintaining rice buffer stocks against an unpredicted rice shortage,' the FEF said.
The fact we have exploration of space is likely to be really important, the reason we support it is that we have all sorts of things that are completely unpredicted that come out of that.
He said researchers had proved that honey made from berry trees had higher medicinal value, but the flowers were being destroyed by unpredicted rains.
The most alarming issue is the damage to investor confi-dence resulting from a sudden and unpredicted series of announcements," committee chairman Angus Brendan MacNeil wrote.
However, the post on the MIUI forum also warned users that "There may be some unpredicted bugs still, think twice before you flash.
The foreign exchange reserves are still kept at a suitable level, which is enough for handling any unpredicted future shocks.
One unpredicted result is that, despite all the bailout funding, the Greek economy has contracted 25 per cent over five years.
PRIME MINISTER David Cameron has announced his new parliamentary cabinet, following the Conservative party's unpredicted victory in the General Election last week (May 7).