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1. Having made no preparations.
2. Not equipped to meet a contingency.
3. Impromptu: unprepared remarks.

un′pre·par′ed·ly (-pâr′ĭd-lē) adv.
un′pre·par′ed·ness (-pâr′ĭd-nĭs, -pârd′nĭs) n.


[ˈʌnprɪˈpɛərɪdnɪs] Nfalta f de preparación
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Representatives of the State Registration Service were reprimanded for failing to answer the parliamentarian's question for their unpreparedness.
Last year, most patients visited the private hospitals compared to governments due to the latter's unpreparedness to devise proper mechanism for the people holding Sehat Insaf Card (SIC),' they added.
And second, the foreign minister's foot-in-mouth tweet - as the foreign press is increasingly referring to it - betrayed not just unpreparedness but also an unprofessional attitude, embarrassing us and leaving much egg on faces of friends that supported us.
Trouble is, lack of motivation, unpreparedness and busy schedules have a way of interfering with our plans.
Perhaps if she had discussed the UK's preferred "end state" before triggering Article 50 realisation might have dawned that we are shooting ourselves in the foot by continuing with Brexit in such an embarrassing state of unpreparedness.
Restive transport groups indicated the strike was their 'only option left' after DOTr insisted on rolling out the ambitious PUV program in 2018-with 'little preparation by way of institutional reforms, availability of the modern vehicles replacing the jeepneys and the financial unpreparedness of small operators and drivers.
TAP) -- "Most of the political parties agreed to postpone municipal elections due to their unpreparedness," said Deputy Speaker of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) and Ennahdha Vice-President Abdelfattah Mourou.
Meanwhile, we have revealed our unpreparedness and amateurish negotiating skills.
Starting time of the polling is 8 am however 60% of the sampled polling stations started late with delay of 11 to 30 minutes; major cause of delay was unpreparedness of polling staff where staff took extra time to set up the polling booths and take positions to initiate the voting process.
Another piece of evidence of unpreparedness comes from the fact that the 'Return Form' had to be simplified for the first 6 months as all systems are not in place," she added.
One key reason is the technological unpreparedness of the citizenry.
Even with the level of unpreparedness felt by financial advisors, the survey results imply that they are considering the necessary steps to plan, execute and comply by converting to a fee-based model to get in front of the rule with clients top of mind," Withrow said in a statement.