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Adj.1.unpresidential - not presidentialunpresidential - not presidential; "very unpresidential behavior"
unstatesmanlike - not statesmanlike; "unstatesmanlike procedure"
presidential - befitting a president; "criticized the candidate for not looking presidential"
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There are family business interests to tend to, the president's sex scandals to fend off, and before we forget, unpresidential tweets to be sent out to the faithful and the easily beguiled in the wee hours of the day.
But often, when I find something the president has said or done to be inexcusable and, to say the least, inappropriate and unpresidential, many in my conservative crowd simply respond that I am out of touch and "don't get it.
Instead of offering sympathy to the women who've come forward alleging abuse, Trump wished Porter well & pointed to his claims of innocence," Lieu tweeted, adding that "At this point, it's hard to come up w/new ways to express total dismay for @POTUS's appallingly unpresidential remarks & actions in office.
It's the congressional silence in the face of President Donald Trump's unpresidential, international insult of black countries that is bothering me right now.
So far, Trump has perhaps made obvious how unpresidential the office of the presidency actually can be, but his first 100 days have not proven to be as catastrophic as Bush's.
In the meantime, the nation so far has absorbed the shock of an unpresidential presidency.
From most commentators, the response has been an eye-rolling dismissal of Trump's tweet as"juvenile" - yet one more impulsive, impolitic, dangerous and unpresidential act by a president like no other.
Second, women, as the clichAaAaAeA@ goes, tend to be whimsical and are entitl to change their minds, but it is unpresidential and disconcerting for a Chief Executive to flip-flop on critical issues.
The many threats the President has uttered-to disregard Senate findings in the execution of Mayor Rolando Espinosa, to attack officials he doesn't like, to declare nationwide martial law, to impose a revolutionary government, and so on-are both unprecedented and unpresidential.
It is unbecoming and unpresidential at best, dangerously confusing at worst, since it fails to address squarely the risks inherent in allowing the Obama deal's rapidly crumbling legitimacy to retain any force or effect.
no notion of, this is inappropriate, this is indecent, this is unpresidential.
Meanwhile, 56 percent also said that unpresidential conduct by Trump is "damaging to the presidency overall.