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1. Bringing in no profit or profits: an unprofitable business venture.
2. Serving no useful purpose: an unprofitable argument.

un·prof′it·a·bil′i·ty, un·prof′it·a·ble·ness n.
un·prof′it·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.unprofitableness - the quality of affording no gain or no benefit or no profitunprofitableness - the quality of affording no gain or no benefit or no profit
disadvantage - the quality of having an inferior or less favorable position
gainfulness, lucrativeness, profitability, profitableness - the quality of affording gain or benefit or profit


The condition or quality of being useless or ineffective:
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I accuse myself of sloth and unprofitableness day by day; but when these waves of God flow into me I no longer reckon lost time.
In view of a financial and economic situation, UIC considers that such changes will increase Insurers' unprofitableness and also insufficient formation of insurance funds at the rate which is necessary for implementing future insurance compensation.
If our doctrine is a derision and our life a scandal," writes Andrewes of the pastoral calling, "it must be that not in a moment, not in the twinkling of an eye, but gradually, your church establishment will grow old, decay, and tend to vanish away because of the weakness and unprofitableness thereof" (Qtd.