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Not likely to develop in a desirable manner: an unpromising beginning to the relationship.

un·prom′is·ing·ly adv.


in a manner that is not showing any promise of favourable development or future success
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His genius was recognised long before that although his career started fairly unpromisingly despite making his first debut for Celtic at the age of 17 in 1961 when a team mate turned up without his boots.
Murray plays semi-successful motivational speaker Jack Corcoran, author of the unpromisingly titled self-help book ``Get Over It
But, on Sunday, Townend had a magical day, and one has to remember how unpromisingly it began.
India's run-chase started unpromisingly as Sachin Tendulkar fell early, after his two 90s in the first two matches, very well caught by Boucher off Makhaya Ntini - one-handed diving to his right.
Hearts And Bones (Sunday, BBC1) started unpromisingly with a dinner party where everyone drank too much and talked twaddle.
He stormed home to reach the places seven days ago after being unpromisingly positioned coming down the hill and looks to be hitting peak form after five runs following a five-month break.
His part in the match started unpromisingly, with Jacques Kallis targeting him with two fours in what was a one-over first spell, including one boundary over the top.
BUILDING SITE SECRETARY (Millennium Dome, Greenwich): The job description starts unpromisingly.
Unpromisingly tall, at 6ft 3in, he managed to reduce his height by abandoning his high-heeled shoes.
The second try also started off unpromisingly, with organisers struggling to recruit volunteers from the audience of onlookers as the booth became more and more cramped.
After a fall in the previous race - the Arkle Trophy - from the unpromisingly named The Reject, intended rider John Francome was injured and Henderson was left with minutes to find a replacement for the previous year's Triumph Hurdle runner-up.
Things, in fact, began unpromisingly here, with an inarticulate opening to Mars, and chording not always perfectly synchronised, the latter trait persisting throughout the evening, though we had soon stopped noticing.