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Unfavorable; inauspicious: arrived at an unpropitious moment.

un′pro·pi′tious·ly adv.


in an unfavourable or inauspicious manner
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Adv.1.unpropitiously - in an inauspicious mannerunpropitiously - in an inauspicious manner; "he started his new job inauspiciously on Friday the 13th"
auspiciously, propitiously - in an auspicious manner; "he started his new job auspiciously on his birthday"
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For instance, the sole document we have about Tomson's childhood is a letter from 1905 that begins, rather unpropitiously, "it is so difficult to write things about oneself, and I don't feel as if I had anything interesting to tell" (p.
I thinke I shall speake unpropitiously as well as any courtier in Italy" And so be does.
Bone dry and desolate, with an occasional cow or boar skull to add atmospherics, these mud basins were discovered by Cook's scouting party and described unpropitiously as "salt ponds, some of which had a little water remaining.