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Marked by or exhibiting a lack of serious thought or consideration: "Tess ... yielded to his embrace with unreflecting inevitableness" (Thomas Hardy).

un′re·flect′ing·ly adv.


in an unreflecting manner
References in classic literature ?
Now neither the past nor the future troubled me; I lived unreflectingly in the present.
I believe I said it calmly, though I was conscious of a shudder and of a paling cheek, in view of the nature of the exploit I was so unreflectingly engaged in.
More unreflectingly, some Italian Catholic natural law supporters had asserted thay it would be impossibile to take content within law apart and that such terminology, stood up to closer reflection, expressed a feeble petit bourgeois ideology.
It is of crucial importance that we become aware of it or we will just unreflectingly assume that what we have learned to believe is the only possible truth.
For the purposes of this article, an equally important implication is to remind analysts of Japanese foreign and security policy, Sino-Japanese relations, and international politics in Northeast Asia about the limitations of balancing theory, which many seem to take for granted and use rather unreflectingly.
It rather seems that this space metaphor is used unreflectingly throughout as a borrowing from the vocabulary of the contemporary mindscape.
So with nostalgia for a lost innocence or pastorality, Dana adapts passively and unreflectingly in the first phase to the healthy sailor's condition of non-intellectual manhood.
If we reassess her electrical metaphor sixty years later, the attention that has now been paid to femina/mulier, in feminist theory along with its literary and historical applications, has opened the way for considering the opposite pole mas/vir, no longer unreflectingly conflated with the neutral homo.
These attempts at recontextualising and expanding the West's normative sense of art, (8) even floating the possibility of multiple realities, (9) came from the fieldwork, the thoughts and pens of Western scholars looking in from the outside at non-Western cultures, often unreflectingly designated as 'primitive'.
9 But all these beliefs Reynolds still holds, fervently and unreflectingly.
53) Professor McCormack suggests that the Article 51 drafters imported the words "armed attack" unreflectingly from the Act of Chapultepec.