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Not reflective; unthinking.

un′re·flec′tive·ly adv.


not reflective or thoughtful; rash; unthinking
ˌunreˈflectively adv


(ˌʌn rɪˈflɛk tɪv)

not reflective; thoughtless; lacking in due deliberation; rash.
un`re•flec′tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.unreflective - not exhibiting or characterized by careful thoughtunreflective - not exhibiting or characterized by careful thought
thoughtless - showing lack of careful thought; "the debate turned into thoughtless bickering"
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Inspired by the 'greed versus grievance' argument developed by an Oxford professor, Paul Collier, and research officer, Anke Hoeffler, in a World Bank paper from 2002, the book unreflectively applies a framework, but not the critiques launched against it.
The aim of psychotherapy for Laing, is to convert process ('what is going ok) back into praxis ('who is doing what to whom') (Laing and Esterson, 1970 [1964], p 22), whereas Jaspers has unreflectively converted praxis into process, action into event (i).
Many contemporary philosophers are unreflectively realist about subjunctives, regarding them as having objective truth values.
Becoming an authentic and autonomous ethical counselor, therefore, involves guarding against a collectivistic mentality in which one unreflectively participates in the counseling world and accepts enacting ethical mandates as if disconnected from them.
Impulsive buying, defined as the tendency of a consumer to purchase spontaneously, immediately, and unreflectively (33) has become an eminent phenomenon for marketers as it accounts for nearly 80% of all purchases (34) and as it makes up a higher percentage of all total purchases than planned purchases.
Practitioners may treat metaphors uncritically and unreflectively when they use them as somewhat rigid 'protective means' - when an old concept A comes to conservatively reduce and restrict their experience and conception of B without itself being questioned, reflected upon, or modified.
Temporally extended rationality does not eliminate the gap generated by authoritative rules, but it may have the potential to neutralize the gap by establishing that it is rational to act unreflectively on a prior intention to follow a rule, whatever the agent's unexplored current reasons for action may be.
The problem is not just that America's Bank unreflectively extols the Fed.
Fred has taken the initiative to form an opinion--not merely adopted one unreflectively from his environment--and his mind is quite made up.
As a natural identifying "map"-making system, a "mind" cannot "know" itself, if "knowing" is unreflectively assumed as "knowing all.
By flattening arbitration doctrine and discounting the contexts in which arbitration is pursued for purposes beyond garden-variety dispute resolution, courts have too frequently, and too unreflectively, adopted the bare equation of litigation and arbitration.