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Adj.1.unrenewable - that can not be renewedunrenewable - that can not be renewed; "books on that shelf are unrenewable"; "gas and oil are nonrenewable resources"
renewable - that can be renewed or extended; "a renewable lease"; "renewable subscriptions"
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The co-combustion of OS and biomass/peat blends saves precious unrenewable resource for later use.
Green projects aim to reduce the intuition of unrenewable resources, gas emissions and solid and liquid waste by diversifying clean and renewable energy resources.
While occasional spikes in accident rates might seem normal in any air force around the globe, Iran's problems are distinctive because it has a shrinking and unrenewable air fleet, lower-than-average flight hours, and massive budgetary disadvantages compared to the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)--a result of both international sanctions and shifting priorities at the highest levels of the regime leadership.
While Costa Rica supported the criteria whereby the Security Council must recommend more than one candidate, it would continue to promote the idea of changing the Secretary-General's mandate to one single unrenewable term of seven years.
Even items that are considered biodegradable, like the yard clippings and paper products, break down very slowly in a traditional landfill, making the space unrenewable.
However, together with the sustainability of the development, as an economic category, there are three aspects that occur and through which the sustainable development, as well as the sustainable usage of renewable and unrenewable resources should be proportioned.
These days, many are concerned that petroleum is an unrenewable fossil fuel with decreasing reserves.
It takes a massive amount of money and unrenewable energy to feed our estimated 300-million ton appetite of plastics consumed globally each year.
The actual lifetime prolongation is desirable from both the economic point of view, and the point of view of saving the unrenewable resources of raw materials.
The sooner we can recall that leisure is holyholy enough for the Lord himself to make it mandatorythe more likely we are to begin taking back our most precious, unrenewable resource: our time.
Instead, we hope to cooperate with other countries in the use of rare earths on the basis of win-win outcomes and jointly protecting this unrenewable resource.
humankind and its consumption of natural resources have grown far beyond the planet earth's natural capacity, thus ruining our unrenewable natural capital, not only income;