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Adj.1.unrestrictive - not tending to restrict
restrictive - serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"
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Two spray booths, one down draft and one down draft with GAS IR Arch, with full-length glass walls optimize the unrestrictive viewing capability for training application techniques and demonstration, as well as the latest waterborne drying technology.
This posterior distribution is denoted data distribution because it is based largely on the chemical-specific data, as the priors are broad enough to be unrestrictive as to the value of [TDVF.
According to the report, some of Trump's advisers, including Fox News host Sean Hannity, have urged the president to limit the unrestrictive barrage of questions by journalists, which are often embarrassing.
Maybe men are more supportive of unrestrictive abortion because it absolves them of their responsibilities?
128) Yet despite this legislation, commentators have referred to China's stem cell treatment and research as "wild" (129) as China has "one of the most unrestrictive regulatory regimes .
What establishes his framework of analysis is, firstly, Mendelsohn's desire to go beyond the fate of his own family and touch deeper truths about the collective trauma of the Shoah, and secondly, the unrestrictive, spiralling nature of the text based on "two jointly present meanings of the word 'story': fiction and/or facts, united by the infinitely challenging Freudian concept of 'psychical reality'" (160).
Sight lines with unobstructed and unrestrictive views of all areas within and outside of the ward from the staffbase allow for a level of security and supervision that provides patients with comfort, dignity, and safety.
This confusion speaks to the unrestrictive nature of Grenier's style, that it can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.
The requirements were remarkably unrestrictive in an attempt to give the industry as many options as possible on the rifles proposed.
Bargaining in the shadow of indeterminacy can induce defendants to admit guilt and waive their right to a jury trial, because it makes attractive those offers that promise a certain or relatively unrestrictive disposition.
This education, the essay notes, included unrestrictive clothing and hard labor as part of the Spartan educational spirit.
Feldmann, "Benchmarks for scheduling on a single machine against restrictive and unrestrictive common due dates," Computers and Operations Research, vol.