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Adj.1.unsatiated - not having been satisfiedunsatiated - not having been satisfied    
insatiable, insatiate, unsatiable - impossible to satisfy; "an insatiate appetite"; "an insatiable demand for old buildings to restore"; "his passion for work was unsatiable"
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All she achieved by her thinking was the conviction that, in such a cause, no risk was too great; and that, far from making any rules for herself or others, she would let difficulties accumulate unsolved, situations widen their jaws unsatiated, while she maintained a position of absolute and fearless independence.
Moeletsi said black South Africans' unsatiated hunger for land, mass joblessness among the largely unskilled and undereducated blacks and lack of equal opportunities in education, for example, were driving them to exasperation and restlessness.
Because of this, my hunger for improvement remains unsatiated.
After the huge success of the first phase of its most desirable project KW Shrishti in Rajnagar Extension, NH-58, Ghaziabad, KW Group is now all set to handover possession of the second phase of this project which it has launched to meet the unsatiated demand for quality housing in Delhi-NCR.
has nothing to do with irritated nerve endings left unsatiated, and thus
Were this infraction against the purity of the ideal poetic object not to occur during the act of making, the resulting product would not constitute an authentic work of art because it would not bear the traces of unsatiated longing for an impossible object that defines artworks as such.
It is no exaggeration to say that if the pieless situation continues, I can see the second halves of home games being drab, unedifying and even disastrous affairs, the crowd rendered to a mood of dumb resignation via their unsatiated taste buds.
Brazilians' hunger for fragrance remains unsatiated.
If Punjab has managed to duck the perceived pro-Modi wave, it's only because of follies of the Akalis, their bullying tactics and unsatiated greed.
Having already recognized George's lack of interest in the crucifixion, Hemingway names George as a "seller" of wine, not a drinker, which stresses the contrast between George and the First soldier, whose almost unsatiated desire for wine he voices in desperation, "just one more round .
The woman in Small Scale' transitions from a passive object prostrate at the will of a violent masculinity to escaping this oppressive force, leaving the man empty handed and unsatiated.
20) Misallocation necessarily occurs because additional units can be produced at a cost that is lower than the value of those additional units to some unsatiated buyers in the market.