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Not satisfactory; inadequate.

un·sat′is·fac·to′ri·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unsatisfactorily - in an unsatisfactory mannerunsatisfactorily - in an unsatisfactory manner; "He performed unsatisfactorily as a manager"
satisfactorily - in a satisfactory manner
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A party of leaden dragoons were galloping along one of the shelves, in equipments and uniform of modern cut; and there were some sugar figures, with no strong resemblance to the humanity of any epoch, but less unsatisfactorily representing our own fashions than those of a hundred years ago.
I know that I lounged about the streets, insufficiently and unsatisfactorily fed.
Consumers spend countless hours attempting to get customer service issues resolved, often unsatisfactorily.
That this is not tested against the later Boundary Commission negotiations leaves the conclusion unsatisfactorily open.
In addition, Kelleher somewhat unsatisfactorily concludes by noting parallels between Wu's writing and later Ming "self-revelatory" writing, as well as the confessional diaries of Baptists and Quakers, calling for a comparative study at a future date.
Now, as seven years ago, the project is not entirely finished, while now, as then, the grandstand (albeit a new multimillion-pound one) is perhaps unsatisfactorily in the centre of the course.
Particular criticisms were that systems were being procured in full-rate production before they were adequately tested, that existing testing was merely to confirm engineering requirements and was not conducted under realistic combat conditions or against realistic threats; and that it was still being supervised and conducted unsatisfactorily
Blues went into the international break on the back of two very good performances - away - but came out of it unsatisfactorily.
These algorithms frequently perform unsatisfactorily results for large text article collections, as well as the computation complexity of the conventional data clustering methods increase very quick with the number of data items (Hwa H, Hsu C C, and His C.
The UAE is not alone in seeing fatal crashes on its roads, of course, but huge numbers of vehicles, a relaxed attitude to regulation, and unsatisfactorily trained drivers, have created somewhat of a perfect storm.
When Gottfried suggests that the positive role Gadamer affords prejudice may provide a better approach than Strauss's to "understanding the fact-value relation," he broaches a central but unsatisfactorily argued point of his disagreement with Strauss.
Ian Westwood and William Portereld experienced few alarms before play ended early Portereld experienced few alarms before play ended early and deeply unsatisfactorily when, with 26 overs to bowl, umpires Stephen Gale and Richard Illingworth took the players o.