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1. Not adhering to the principles of science.
2. Not knowledgeable about science or the scientific method.

un′sci·en·tif′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unscientifically - in an unscientific wayunscientifically - in an unscientific way; not according to the principles of science; "they proceeded unscientifically when they dissected the mummy"
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This was unscientifically confirmed by firing a few fiveround groups with Horandy's heavier 147gr rounds.
More recently in history, parents were inundated for decades with "gender neutrality" theory, unscientifically stating that the sexes are the same except for the superficial physical differences and thus, if you raise them identically, identical will their personalities be.
There are signs, however, that the body of economic theory that remains unscientifically wedded to growth may be losing legitimacy on university campuses.
6) In sum, "doctors will be forced, by ill-advised, unscientifically motivated policy, to provide lesser care to patients.
Citing spurious or unscientifically 'slanted' historical and topographical 'evidence,' the show posits the view that such structures as the Mayan temples, the pyramids in Egypt, as well as more recent phenomena like gigantic wheat and corn field circles are the humongous handiwork of these superior creatures-so, capitulate, already!
Even more telling in the racist modulations and methods of colonial organization is when difference is simply and unscientifically classified in terms of race and identity, which is to suggest that difference or "Otherness" has no ontological and epistemological basis outside of Western classificatory tables and schedules
Scientific progress in research is doomed when we define our clinical phenotypes unscientifically.
I try to avoid revisiting a subject I have pontificated on in the recent past, but when I encounter a situation in which scientists are behaving unscientifically it is hard to remain silent.
The waste dumped unscientifically into the landfills is causing serious environmental damages in terms of water and air pollution.
We wanted experienced leaders to run the state as it was bifurcated unscientifically, creating serious problems", he added.
Voicing their concern over it, they say this is becoming a nationwide phenomenon where protective zones around sanctuaries are decided randomly and unscientifically and feel that all such proposals should go to the Environment Impact Assessment Authorities for verification.
My father even suggested, unscientifically and preposterously, I thought, that hair in Isaiah's eyes could impair his vision long-term.