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or un·self-cons·cious  (ŭn′sĕlf-kŏn′shəs)
Not self-conscious; natural and genuine.

un′self·cons′cious·ly adv.
un′self·cons′cious·ness n.
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Noun1.unselfconsciousness - the quality of being not self-consciousunselfconsciousness - the quality of being not self-conscious; unawareness of yourself or of others' views of yourself; "he had the unselfconsciousness of a child"
unawareness, unknowingness - unconsciousness resulting from lack of knowledge or attention
self-consciousness - self-awareness plus the additional realization that others are similarly aware of you


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This extraordinary mixture of intelligence, unselfconsciousness and lively interest in everything delighted all those who knew him.
The essay becomes relevant for present purposes, however, when Kleist's speaker goes on to relate the extraordinary qualities of puppets to their unselfconsciousness.
It is this unselfconsciousness that initially attracted Gavaris to the role of Felix.
30 December 1936 (Woolf D5: 44): she mentions her feeling "divine relief": "my mind has sprung up like a tree shaking off a load"; "I am going to sink into unselfconsciousness & work: at Gibbon first; then a few little articles for America; then Roger & Three Guineas.
O'Meara (2014) explores the popularity of these videos and sees in them a deeper purpose: "The unselfconsciousness of cats in online videos offers viewers the capability to imagine the possibility of freedom from corporate surveillance and to experience the power of surveillance administration as unproblematic" (p.
She had tried writing in a diary, but had never had the confidence - the unselfconsciousness - to do it in song.
Katrina McFerran (2010) highlights the importance of improvisation for young musicians, writing that since improvisation does not involve communication of specific information, creating music in this way allows teenagers to express themselves genuinely in a natural state of unselfconsciousness, free of societal expectations.
Such blissful creative unselfconsciousness had something Mozartean about it.
their alternation between self-consciousness and unselfconsciousness and
And yet at other times I am melted with the sense of their helpless, charming, and quite irresistible beauty--their ability to go on loving and trusting--their staunchness and decency and unselfconsciousness.
There are ways of not knowing--carelessness, inattention, forgetfulness--that lead to clumsiness and ugliness, but there are others--the unselfconsciousness of Keist's young man, the enchanting sprezzatura of an infant--whose completeness we never tire of admiring" (2010, 113).
But he does what he does with the unselfconsciousness, the unpremeditated-ness, the unapologetic-ness, of a child.