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Adv.1.unsentimentally - in an unsentimental manner; "unsentimentally, she threw out her dead son's toys"
sentimentally - in a sentimental manner; "`I miss the good old days,' she added sentimentally"
References in classic literature ?
Oh, you won't lose me," said Miss Cornelia unsentimentally.
Well, we're off," remarked Gilbert unsentimentally.
And Smith shows an unsentimentally observant eye in Scenes From a Corner Booth at Closing Time on a Tuesday.
Although she was illiterate until her late teens, Reyes's simple prose unsentimentally and intuitively captures the poverty and trauma of her early life.
Keates had done enough to be rewarded with a three-and-a-half year contract, but another squad cull was needed in the summer, with the manager unsentimentally offloading 12 senior players as he oversaw a major revamp of the Dragons.
He gives the piece a contemporary setting where the action plays out unsentimentally and cruelly--the ballets no longer serve as divertissements, but are replaced by realistic scenes that reinforce the brutality this production is based in.
Those who help Beck--Irma and Bone, Grace and Nah-ah--are unsentimentally drawn, with their own set of complexities.
It became a reminder: to let things be what they were, to live unsentimentally.
But any such negotiation must be done carefully and unsentimentally, without the mutual self-congratulation that has characterized Trump's comments about Putin.
From the affirmations of the non-violent movements discussed in the conclusion, we arrive at the acknowledgment in the appendix that 'we need to be thinking hard and unsentimentally about what to do when we find ourselves in an urban, networked, littoral environment'.
But after suffering an 85% drop on its second Friday--placing fourth behind a trio of Chinese movies and "Zootopia"--the him was unsentimentally dumped by China's exhibitors.
idealized possibility, presented as tantalizingly actual, as opposed to the unsentimentally and uncompromisingly explored darker side of their society's collective psyche.