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Adj.1.unshadowed - not darkened or obscured by shadow; "on the rough sea ice you may on an unshadowed day...fall over a chunk of ice that is kneehigh"- Vilhjalmur Stefansson
unshaded - not darkened or dimmed by shade; "an unshaded meadow"; "a bright and unshaded lane"
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For two hours no one ventured in the glare of the open, or even to cross the narrow, unshadowed street, whose dull red dust seemed to glow between the lines of straggling houses.
Paler than she had been at home, and a little quieter than I had thought natural when she was yet so cheerful and hopeful, her face was so unshadowed that I half believed she was blinded by her love for Richard to his ruinous career.
The river was to be traced far through the endless meadows, by its serpentine and smoking bed; and the little silvery clouds of vapour, which hung above the pools and springs, were beginning to melt in air, as they felt the quickening warmth, which, pouring from the glowing sky, shed its bland and subtle influence on every object of the vast and unshadowed region.
As she explains in "A Proof, a Test, an Instruction," written a few weeks after the 2016 election, she's an unabashed admirer of Barack Obama, describing her respect for him as "vast and unshadowed.
Typically, a single light source can provide sufficient unshadowed viewing for a supine patient.
Instead, we simultaneously presented two DRM lists, and asked the participants to either pay attention to both--a dichotic listening procedure which forced participants to their divide attention between both lists presented--or to rehearse aloud the words of one of the lists--a shadowing procedure that induced full attention on the rehearsed list and reduced the attention paid toward the unshadowed list.
The new crowd, Glass said, has the luxury of seeing their neighborhood unshadowed by the experience of terrorism, and brings a new energy to the synagogue.
And I will leave them in peace unshadowed for a while" (192), restating his belief in Morgoth's curse and in his own incompetence.
44)--and electric power a boon unshadowed by threat.
Her hazel eyes, so famously flecked with emerald glints, were unshadowed and unlined and she had not lost the habit of lifting and lowering her head as she spoke.
Like Rothko's commentary upon Dvinsk, he spoke of Vitebsk in the clear, unshadowed timbres people use when surprised into speaking what is deepest.
ingentis, unshadowed preparations of the PTM show an overlap between the dimensions of the weave pattern and the spacing of the microvilli, as seen in other crustaceans (Peters, 1992; Halcrow, 2001).