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Incapable of being shaken: unshakable faith.

un·shak′a·bly adv.


(ʌnˈʃeɪkəbəl) or


(of beliefs, convictions, etc) utterly firm and unwavering
unˈshakableness, unˈshakeableness n
unˈshakably, unˈshakeably adv
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Adj.1.unshakable - marked by firm determination or resolutionunshakable - marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable; "firm convictions"; "a firm mouth"; "steadfast resolve"; "a man of unbendable perseverence"; "unwavering loyalty"
resolute - firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination; "stood resolute against the enemy"; "faced with a resolute opposition"; "a resolute and unshakeable faith"
2.unshakable - without flaws or loopholesunshakable - without flaws or loopholes; "an ironclad contract"; "a watertight alibi"; "a bulletproof argument"
incontestable, incontestible - incapable of being contested or disputed


Not easily moved or shaken:


unshakeable [ʌnˈʃeɪkəbl] ADJ [belief] → inquebrantable
he was unshak(e)able in his resolvese mostró totalmente resuelto
after three hours he was still unshak(e)abledespués de tres horas seguía tan resuelto como antes


adj, unshak(e)ably
advunerschütterlich; Anna is unshakeably honestAnna ist grundehrlich


unshakeable [ʌnˈʃeɪkəbl] adjirremovibile
References in classic literature ?
In general the trait of Speranski's mentality which struck Prince Andrew most was his absolute and unshakable belief in the power and authority of reason.
For, absurd as it may sound, with that look into those Arabian Nights' eyes, had come somewhere out of space an overwhelming intuition, nay, an unshakable conviction, that the woman who was already being rolled away from me down the road in that Dis's car of a farmer's gig, was now and for ever and before all worlds the woman God had created for me, and that, unless I could be hers and she mine, there would be no home, no peace for either of us so long as we lived.
From the day a letter had come from Peter Mall, an ex-comrade in Wade's old regiment, saying the quarter-section next his own could be bought by paying annually a dollar and twenty-five cents an acre for seven years, their hopes had risen into determination that had become unshakable.
His mother and his sister had established that ethical fact on an unshakable foundation.
Vaguely Maggie felt this, in the strong resurgent love toward her brother that swept away all the later impressions of hard, cruel offence and misunderstanding, and left only the deep, underlying, unshakable memories of early union.
He said in a speech with the launch of his government's program on women, peace and security that we will work for an unshakable future in order to provide the greatest security, peace and empowerment for women and girls in the region, in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
He noted that virtues like faith (Emaan), unshakable resolve (Yaqeen-e-Muhkam), self (Khudi) and self-reliance (Khud-Inhasaari) were among the key components of Iqbal's message which had universal resonance.
Since establishing his namesake label in 2006, Christopher Kane's skillful material manipulation, use of brash neon colors, and penchant for subversion have been the source of his unshakable popularity.
He said that due to Atomic Program of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, today Pakistan is stand as sovereign nation with pride and dignity, its defence is unshakable and strong, said a statement on Wednesday.
The US has an unshakable commitment to defend allies in the region and will take necessary steps to do so, including operations like this one today, and the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) battery to the Korean Peninsula," USFK Commander Gen.
Even catchier is Work From Home, recently dubbed by Entertainment Weekly as one of 2016's best singles so far, bolstered by an unshakable hook and a sexy theme-about a woman who knows what she wants-and gets it!
At every show, your fingers are pulled upwards by some invisible but very audible force and you're left with the unshakable experience of something very special indeed.