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Adj.1.unsilenced - not silencedunsilenced - not silenced        
silenced - reduced to silence; "the silenced crowd waited expectantly"
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Try Gaza Writes Back and Gaza unsilenced anthologies.
The National Prime Minister said the campaign to collect unsilenced fire arms would continue in the various regions of the country and that there would be no arms in the hands of anybody save the regular forces.
5 63 L25 250 500 Unsilenced Sound Power 110 115 121 127 133 level-Db Silencer Insertion loss 0 5 10 19 33 (100/50/900) Silenced Sound Power 110.
1, Spring 2016) by Angela Watkins wherein she contends that although Haitian women have been systematically excluded from social and historical discourse even as they actively engage in the fight for change, novelist Edwidge Danticat proves through her characters that revolutionaries come in many forms as the work rewrites the myths embedded in the country's historical narratives so that Haitian women are unsilenced.
Faulkner's Addie is "The Unsilenced Hester" (31), who will not conform to traditions (33).
The new Condor SS has an 18-inch Lothar Walther barrel, where the unsilenced Condor barrel is 24 inches.
WORCESTER - After forming the music label Unsilenced Records, Anthony Ramos knew the first singer he wanted to record and give voice to.
In addition to the Welsh challenge on track six enthusiasts - including Ted Ede, who won a British League medal with West Ham three years before the Bandits were created - will be bringing their classic unsilenced speedway machines along for spectators to scrutinise before the league match.
The heaviest noise pollution, sometimes reaching levels which can cause a person physical pain, is caused by unsilenced pneumatic drills, fast trains and heavy diesel lorries.
Perhaps the basis of the link lies within the noiseless yet unsilenced manner that expression is revealed through a mourner's eyes, enabling profound articulation of pain that is beyond any vocalization of the like.
As the pioneer of her own publishing company, UnSilenced Woman Press, half of the activist duo AquaMoon and co-founder of woman-based organization SpokenExistence Inc.
I can appreciate the feelings of the public upset by unsilenced machines.