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1. Not disposed to seek the company of others; not sociable.
2. Not conducive to social exchange: an unsociable atmosphere.

un·so′cia·bil′i·ty, un·so′cia·ble·ness n.
un·so′cia·bly adv.


1. (of a person) disinclined to associate or fraternize with others
2. unconducive to social intercourse: an unsociable neighbourhood.
unˌsociaˈbility, unˈsociableness n
unˈsociably adv


(ʌnˈsoʊ ʃə bəl)

1. not sociable; having or marked by a disinclination to friendly social relations.
2. lacking or preventing social relationships.
un•so′cia•bly, adv.


1. 'anti-social'

Anti-social behaviour is harmful or annoying to other people.

...the growing use of the computer by anti-social elements as a weapon of crime.
Don't let your children develop an anti-social habit such as bullying.

Note that the American spelling of this word is antisocial.

2. 'unsociable'

People who do not like the company of other people are sometimes described as anti-social, but the usual word used to describe such people is unsociable.

She was an awkward and unsociable girl.
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Adj.1.unsociable - not inclined to society or companionshipunsociable - not inclined to society or companionship; "an unsociable nature...shy and reserved"; "generally unsociable except with intimate friends"; "unsociable behavior"; "an unsociable neighborhood"
unfriendly - not disposed to friendship or friendliness; "an unfriendly coldness of manner"; "an unfriendly action to take"
unsocial - not seeking or given to association; being or living without companions; "the unsocial disposition to neglect one's neighbors"
sociable - inclined to or conducive to companionship with others; "a sociable occasion"; "enjoyed a sociable chat"; "a sociable conversation"; "Americans are sociable and gregarious"




[ʌnˈsəʊʃəbl] ADJinsociable; [person] → poco sociable, huraño


[ʌnˈsəʊʃəbəl] adj [person] → peu sociable




[ʌnˈsəʊʃəbl] adj (pej) (person) → poco socievole
he's very unsociable → è un orso
References in classic literature ?
Things will look strange and unsociable for a while, until you get the hang of them.
Catherine supped with her brother and sister-in-law: Joseph and I joined at an unsociable meal, seasoned with reproofs on one side and sauciness on the other.
Well, of course, there are poets and poets, poets sociable and poets very unsociable.
He was drunk; and what a dreadful thing was drink, and what a slave to it poor Alan was, to drink in this unsociable, uncomfortable fashion
Then, when the image of the marquise and her son rose before him again, standing side by side, the old woman's hand in Urbain's arm, and the same cold, unsociable fixedness in the eyes of each, he cried out to himself that the fear was groundless.
I confess that in spite of this urgency I was guilty of the indiscretion of lingering; it held me there to think that I was nearer the documents I coveted-- that they were probably put away somewhere in the faded, unsociable room.
It is for the convenience of these that the Diogenes Club was started, and it now contains the most unsociable and unclubable men in town.
I am an unsociable sort of fellow and shall very likely not come to see you again for some time; but don't think the worse of me for that.
To put the matter quite fairly, they have other objections to him:-- he is masterful and rather unsociable, and he is concerned with trade, which has complaints of its own that I know nothing about.
The Growleywogs knew that they were disliked and avoided by every one, so they had become surly and unsociable even among themselves.
Are you so unsociable that you cannot make friends?
I don't think he was seasick, but he was miserably unsociable, and he seldom left his cabin.