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Adj.1.unspecialised - not specialized or modified for a particular purpose or functionunspecialised - not specialized or modified for a particular purpose or function
general - applying to all or most members of a category or group; "the general public"; "general assistance"; "a general rule"; "in general terms"; "comprehensible to the general reader"
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Restoration expert Reda Abdallah pointed a finger at the ministry of culture in the former Ahmed Nazif cabinet for accepting the primitive and unspecialised restoration methods used.
As an alternative, scientists can use a method of taking normal cells from adults and reversing them to an unspecialised state, known as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS), making them almost indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells.
The prevailing opinion remained that the early-colonial period, 'with its unspecialised economy and its labour regulations designed for convicts, was clearly not a favourable time' for the emergence of a working class or working-class movements.
Poor pictures from unspecialised photographers can damage personal injury claims and in order to combat this, Diane Bullock, right, has launched Medico Legal Photo - the region's first photography business that specialises exclusively in personal injury and medical photography.
Stringent health and safety laws also ban large wheelchairs from being put in unspecialised vehicles As a result when Harley goes to Cornist Park School in Flint he is unable to get out and about with his friends without help.
What worries me is that prospective patients are increasingly at risk due to poor regulation and sometimes unspecialised, greedy doctors and practitioners.
Al-Motair's website could help address this problem by increasing awareness in Saudi about diabetes, including its causes and methods of treatment and prevention, as most of diabetes websites are non Arabic and unspecialised.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the usage of an unspecialised, unmodified simulation software cannot lead to a correct assessment of the quality-related problems in small-size cast parts.
They, along with their unspecialised doctor colleagues, run nursing homes or clinics that can treat general illnesses and undertake simple surgery.
It is not difficult to see how an unspecialised ground-dwelling predator, dependent on powers of observation and intelligence rather than of speed and strength, might use local barriers and enclosures created by a topography of lava flows and fault scarps as a secure place for ground nesting, for feeding at leisure on food brought in from elsewhere, as a source of local food and water, and in time as a means of actively manoeuvring and diverting live animals from the edge of more open terrain into natural enclosures and traps.
Stem cells are unspecialised cells, which can develop into any part of the human body.
As well as being unspecialised - they have not developed into particular types of cell - they can also keep replicating indefinitely in their unspecialised state and they are pluripotent, which means that, given the right stimuli, they are able to differentiate into all of the 216 human cell types.