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Adj.1.unspoilt - not left to spoilunspoilt - not left to spoil; "the meat is still good"
fresh - recently made, produced, or harvested; "fresh bread"; "a fresh scent"; "fresh lettuce"
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I believe that nothing belonging to the family which it had been possible to break was unbroken at the time of those preparations for Caddy's marriage, that nothing which it had been possible to spoil in any way was unspoilt, and that no domestic object which was capable of collecting dirt, from a dear child's knee to the door-plate, was without as much dirt as could well accumulate upon it.
He lifted the gold leaf off an old illumination, fully satisfied that he left the rest unspoilt.
From where he sat he could see the village of Hilton, strung upon the North Road, with its accreting suburbs; the sunset beyond, scarlet and orange, winking at him beneath brows of grey; the church; the plantations; and behind him an unspoilt country of fields and farms.
Some enjoy the outlook of the unspoilt countryside winding down to the River Avon amidst a backdrop of the Bredon Hills, while other plots peer through the Lakeside reeds on to the freeform former quarry lake.
Remains unspoilt to me, some places really haven't changed at all.
WE ALWAYS dream of escaping to a true paradise on holiday, with long, stretches of beach to ourselves, crystal-clear blue ocean and unspoilt surroundings.
ESCORTED HOLIDAY 8 days from PS829 A Week on the Algarve Flying Direct from Birmingham Departs Sep 27 & Oct 4 2015 On this relaxing week in an excellent hotel amid the beauty of the Algarve you will discover not just the spectacular coastline at Cape St Vincent and beautiful Lagos in the rugged west, but also the unspoilt countryside of the hinterland, with historic sites such as Silves, the former Moorish capital.
No doubt there will be an upsurge in its popularity as Jubilee Tower will overlook the park, or would it be better to leave the unspoilt countryside as it is and the hill?
Whichever you prefer, it's easy to get back to nature, like at stunning Maspalomas beach - 400 hectares of rippling dunes and, thanks to its national park status, all of it unspoilt.
While Ardnamurchan "offers an undisturbed, "offers an undisturbed, unspoilt peninsula".
Langkawi is one of the great escapes of Asia with its exceptional experiences on land and sea for the well-travelled guest looking for something authentic and unspoilt, said Victor Clavell, Vice President, Asia Pacific.
I WAS intrigued by Friday's article showing the imposition of wind turbines on us and the dramatic impact they have on our glorious and largely unspoilt environment.