Unstable equilibrium

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Similarly, you may sometimes find on a mountain-side a large rock poised so delicately that a touch will set it crashing down into the valley, while the rocks all round are so firm that only a considerable force can dislodge them What is analogous in these two cases is the existence of a great store of energy in unstable equilibrium ready to burst into violent motion by the addition of a very slight disturbance.
We may say, speaking somewhat roughly, that a stimulus applied to the nervous system, like a spark to dynamite, is able to take advantage of the stored energy in unstable equilibrium, and thus to produce movements out of proportion to the proximate cause.
The relations among the men, strained and made tense by feuds, quarrels and grudges, were in a state of unstable equilibrium, and evil passions flared up in flame like prairie- grass.
All his weight was on one loot, and he was in a state of unstable equilibrium.
He was still in the air and in most unstable equilibrium, when the teamster hurled a thirty-pound lump of coal.
Our aim should be to maintain robust ecosystems (however different from those that exist now or existed in the past) and species, rather than defend an unstable equilibrium," argues Thomas.
It makes peace an unstable equilibrium which could only be preserved by an acknowledged supremacy or equal power.
In essence, the strong driver for Israel-Saudi Arabia rapprochement is the unstable equilibrium in the Middle East.
So the drop is in a state of unstable equilibrium, which can be easily disturbed by breaking the tail.
This suggests the possibility of an unstable equilibrium that is analogous to the "tipping point" at x' in the standard model.
Secondly, the unstable equilibrium can be used to indicate a rough boundary of the system's stable region [12].
The "S" area is for the stable equilibrium while "U" area is for the unstable equilibrium.