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Adj.1.unstaged - not performed on the stage
staged - written for or performed on the stage; "a staged version of the novel"
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Be sure to download the American Express UNSTAGED App to purchase your Rihanna American Express Presale tickets on the go, watch exclusive content from other top artists and learn more about upcoming music events.
According to Trulia the average unstaged home undergoes a 9% price reduction over its listing period but according to the Real Estate Staging Association, staging sells a home on average 78% faster than an empty space.
Ubisoft's open work floor further nurtures this fruitful, spontaneous interaction by creating a space where different knowing communities are physically mixed and where unstaged interactions occur frequently: a programmer sits beside an artist who sits with a designer, each with different interest-based community affiliations, and they work together on a given project.
Seemingly unstaged and unlighted, the pictures of the internees compress intense human emotion into carefully composed frames.
de Graaf, "[i]n January 1938, Juanita Hall conducted the Negro Melody Singers in an unstaged performance of the first act of Denmark Vesey for the New York Composer's Forum.
He depicts everyday unstaged street scenes with people going about their everyday lives.
He depicts unstaged street scenes with people going about their everyday lives.
Spokes' hard–working performance, which includes sharp staged and unstaged moments of interaction with the audience, has nothing to fault – from the sharp skiffle numbers played by a live band to winning comedy turns from Emma Barton as brassy love interest Dolly and Michael Dylan as the continually set–upon old geezer Ale – and a lot to laugh at.
2001) used by the GCCR defined tumors as localized, regional, distant, and unstaged.
20) But while this scholarship has demonstrated some of the ways in which the stage (or even unstaged closet plays) offered forms of recuperation and sites of potentiality for many women writers, I would like to suggest that Romantic drama by women also served as a negative space--in the dual sense of both representing a site of absence and of displaying the failure of these optimistic ideals and values, rendering them visible indirectly, by contrast.
3-6) WV has a lower incidence but higher rates of advanced and unstaged breast cancer (BC).