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Adj.1.unstaged - not performed on the stage
staged - written for or performed on the stage; "a staged version of the novel"
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For others, the uncertainty and possibility of an unstaged cancer and the potential of a second surgery drives their decision to seek an oncology consultation.
Visually, the film attempts a tight balance between a hyper-specific, unstaged authenticity and an occasionally escapist, even fantastical anti-realism.
Cleomenes and Dion, stopped on the road back from Delphos, provide us with only one of several instances of unstaged or otherwise occluded oracles in early Stuart drama.
239) and the dramatic "look" of the unstaged performance.
The beauty of a social experiment is capturing real emotions and unstaged scripts.
At AEG, he executed services agreements to enable the live streaming of events like the Grammys, the Oscars, American Express's Unstaged series and others, on YouTube and VEVO, the Royal Wedding, the MTV VMA's and the E3 conference, as well as events for brands like HP, Hyundai, Oracle, Heineken, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Dell, AMD and Wrigley's.
According to Trulia the average unstaged home undergoes a 9% price reduction over its listing period but according to the Real Estate Staging Association, staging sells a home on average 78% faster than an empty space.
Ubisoft's open work floor further nurtures this fruitful, spontaneous interaction by creating a space where different knowing communities are physically mixed and where unstaged interactions occur frequently: a programmer sits beside an artist who sits with a designer, each with different interest-based community affiliations, and they work together on a given project.
Not surprisingly, the Forum's unstaged performance of Act I in 1938 generated quite a bit of discussion.
Seemingly unstaged and unlighted, the pictures of the internees compress intense human emotion into carefully composed frames.