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Adj.1.unsterilised - not sterilizedunsterilised - not sterilized      
germy - full of germs or pathological microorganisms; "the water in New York harbor is oily and dirty and germy"
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Citing the case of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Romeo, who was recently diagnosed with the cancer, Dr Elliot said unsterilised pets face the biggest risk.
Some ways it can spread include: sharing unsterilised needles, sharing razors or toothbrushes, from a pregnant woman to her unborn baby, through unprotected sex (although the latter is very rare).
Licences are required by owners who have three or more unsterilised bitches - any one of which is used for breeding - and which has two or more litters of pups in a 12-month period.
In addition, they pose a risk to customers, who are catered to by unlicensed barbers using unsterilised equipment.
When infant formula is not properly prepared, there are risks arising from the use of unsafe water and unsterilised equipment or the potential presence of bacteria in powdered formula.
They said that the use of unsterilised equipment by roadside barbers in the twin cities is the main cause of spreading communicable diseases, including Hepatitis B and C.
AN AM has written to a hospital chief to express concern at reports that a Merseyside hospital which will treat North Wales babies has admitted operating on patients with unsterilised equipment.
PATIENTS could have been operated on with unsterilised equipment, a Wirral hospital has admitted.
ISLAMABAD -- Unhygienic conditions and use of unsterilised equipment by barbers sitting in different localities of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are source of spreading different diseases including hepatitis.
He explains that every year about 15,000 people discover that they are carrying the virus, which is transferred through the blood in procedures like blood transfusions or the use of unsterilised medical equipment.
As we have said numerous times before, there are three ways for the situation to be solved: a transfer of wealth from North to South (we don't see this "continuing" to happen); the South becomes competitive (unlikely without the quick route via currency devaluation) or mass money printing which is unsterilised (this may happen and Draghi is certainly moving that way, but against Bundesbank protestations).