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 (ŭn′sĭ-mĕt′rĭ-kəl) or un·sym·met·ric (-rĭk)

un′sym·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.unsymmetric - lacking symmetryunsymmetric - lacking symmetry      
asymmetric, asymmetrical - characterized by asymmetry in the spatial arrangement or placement of parts or components
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9] the one dimensional finite elements based on classical lamination theory, first-order shear deformation theory, and higher-order shear deformation theory are developed to study the dynamic response of an unsymmetric composite laminated orthotropic beam.
We also consider the use of the unsymmetric Lanczos process, which underlies some well-known linear system solvers such as BiCG, CGS, QMR, and BiCGstab (see [69, Chapter 7] and the references therein) but has never been used in the framework of Tikhonov regularization: indeed, in [6], these methods have been briefly addressed as iterative regularization methods, but they have never been employed to project a Tikhonov-regularized problem.
Solving unsymmetric sparse systems of linear equations with PARDISO.
Over 100 papers selected from presentations and reviewed by peers discuss such topics as synthesizing and characterizing a novel liquid crystalline polymer bearing azobenzene, an infrared imaging system based on liquid-crystal thermo-optic effects, the microwave-assisted synthesis and mesomorphic properties of novel unsymmetric imidazolium as ionic liquid crystals, the electroluminescence of naturally oxidized polypyrrole, and improving the open circuit voltage of amorphous silicon solar cells by treating the p layer with hydrogen plasma.
This leads to the following unsymmetric normalization of activity coefficients:
Furthermore, BEM results above the cutoff frequency are suspect because the boundary conditions are unsymmetric within the plenum.
These differences in energy between the symmetric and unsymmetric stretches are typical of bridging carboxylate ligands (Deacon and Phillips, 1980).
Therefore, the parallel sparse direct solver with unsymmetric storage was used.
We are currently conducting customer trials of the unsymmetric ADSL equipment and plan to initiate deployment in the third quarter.