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adj. un·time·li·er, un·time·li·est
1. Occurring or done at an inappropriate time; inopportune.
2. Occurring too soon; premature: an untimely death.
1. Inopportunely.
2. Prematurely.

un·time′li·ness n.




  1. As modern as tomorrow —Slogan, Royal Worcester Corset Co.
  2. As out of date as the black stockings and high shoes worn by inmates of asylums that used to take up city blocks and loom large in the countryside —Eileen Simpson, New York Times/Op-Ed, May 1, 1987
  3. As seasonable as snow in summer —John Ray’s Proverbs
  4. By the time they take place [dinner parties] the original impulse is lost … like sending a Christmas card into space and hoping an alien finds it on the right date —Maxine Chernoff
  5. Dated as a dodo, but who cares —Anon capsule review, television movie listings, New York Times, April, 1987
  6. Dead as a failed product launch —Anon

    For other “Dead as” similes which apply to obsolescence,

    See Also: DEATH

  7. Dead as an unsuccessful book —Henry James
  8. Dead as Greek —Karl Shapiro
  9. Dead as Sunday’s paper on Tuesday morning —Anon

    Commonly used variations are “Dead as yesterday’s front page news” and “Dead as last week’s ticker tape.”

  10. Extinction, like a thing of beauty, is forever —Brad Leithauser, New York Times Book Review, June 7, 1987

    Another simile that was extracted from an article and featured as an attention-getting blurb.

  11. Gone like the carriage-horse —Louis MacNeice

    Poet MacNeice precedes the simile with this question: “What’s become of the squadron of butlers, valets, grooms and second housemaids?” Clearly, appropriate substitutions for the carriage-horse could give rise to as many similes beginning with “Gone like” as there are obsolete customs and objects. “Gone … like five-cent candy and the drainboard on the sink” from a novel by Babs H. Deal offers just one possibility.

  12. Good that comes too late is as good as nothing —Thomas Fuller
  13. It’s a little like being given the captaincy of the Titanic after it hit the ice floe —Senator Lawton Chiles of Florida, quoted in many newspapers on prospect of heading Senate budget committee, after November, 1986, Democratic victory

    See Also: FUTILITY

  14. Like a punchline of a bad joke, the moment passed —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  15. (Conflicts as) new as each generation —Anon, jacket copy

    Because similes are so often pulled out from book jacket copy, the more one can appropriately include, the better; and so, this and the “Old as literature” comparison below were both featured on one book jacket.

  16. New as tomorrow —Slogan, dictaphone company
  17. (Passions and conflicts as) old as literature —Anon book jacket copy
  18. No day is so dead as the day before yesterday —W. Somerset Maugham
  19. Obsolete as books in leather bindings —Louis MacNeice
  20. Outdated like a last year’s almanac —John Greenleaf Whittier
  21. Timing … as elegant as that of the Budapest String Quartet —Karl Shapiro
  22. (The reference library is quite) unfrequented … like the mausoleum of a once-proud family that has died out —Robert Barnard
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Noun1.Untimeliness - being at an inappropriate timeuntimeliness - being at an inappropriate time  
timing - the time when something happens
seasonableness, timeliness - being at the right time
2.Untimeliness - the quality of occurring at an inconvenient timeuntimeliness - the quality of occurring at an inconvenient time
inconvenience - the quality of not being useful or convenient


n (of death)Vorzeitigkeit f; (of end also)Verfrühtheit f; because of the untimeliness of his arrivalweil er zur falschen Zeit kam
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3) Following Sloterdijk's diagnosis, we might say that the untimeliness of the literary--the medium most associated with representing, transmitting, or producing subjectivity--pervades the whole of Wdchtler's practice.
Extreme conditional conservatism is not desirable because of the expenses caused by the untimeliness of the information.
In order to fully appreciate the complexity and untimeliness of Sciascia's reading, it is important to briefly survey the main points of these two more recent critical works.
He blamed the production team that fed the question to the commentator, stressing on the inappropriateness and untimeliness of the query.
More moderate in its rehabilitating implications, James Deaville's rout ribution to the volume still seeks to salvage Schumann from untimeliness, describing in rich archival detail the composer's influential if not always whole-hearted engagement with the Tonkunstler-versammlungen and the Tonkfinstlerverein in Leipzig.
As scholars like Marjorie Garber and Joseph Luzzi argue, this untimeliness has political value, because it restores "the polyvalent integrity of literary discourse.
Insufficiency, inaccuracy and untimeliness of cost data
It is a practical objection to the untimeliness of the debate for members who often have full diaries in their constituencies at that time or who are travelling from more distant parts of Wales.
It is a practical objection to the untimeliness of the debate for Members who often have full diaries in their constituencies at that time or who are travelling from more distant parts of Wales, although I can understand that this practical issue may have escaped your attention Owen MP given your personal 35-minute commute from Chesham & Amersham.
Requests that were initially denied for untimeliness and not litigated: Individuals in this situation may reapply for relief by filing a new Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief.
189) The circuit court did explicitly note, however, that it was refusing to consider, for reasons of untimeliness, arguments based on Local No.