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Adj.1.untoasted - not having been browned by exposure to heatuntoasted - not having been browned by exposure to heat
raw - not treated with heat to prepare it for eating
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This reduction was observed in untoasted bread, as well as across three degrees of toasting (light, medium and dark), which can increase acrylamide levels by up to ten times the amount in the untoasted bread.
99 FOR THE FOUR-SLICE If you hate your toast being spoiled by that untoasted, bready bit at the top, or like to toast long pitta, rejoice for the new Breville Perfect For Warburtons Toaster (measured against the UK's favourite toasting loaf).
Rub the untoasted side with the garlic and brush over the olive oil.
Forget it," he repeated before stomping off to the bread bin to get some untoasted slices.
3 Lay the remaining, half-toasted bread slices on top of the cheese, with the untoasted side uppermost.
Serve toasted or untoasted with strawberry jam and clotted cream.
Menu includes Scarpettine (mini crostini); Pancotto for All Seasons (legumes pan-fried with untoasted bread cubes); Nola's Pasta Mista With Ceci (chickpeas); Coscia di Pollo (grilled chicken thighs) With Arugula And Tomato Salad; and Faith's Tiramisuper Citrus Gelo.
Oji UI, Oruwari BM and RO Iwuagu Performance of growing broiler chickens fed toasted and untoasted melon (Colocynthis citrullis) seed meal.
Meanwhile, mix the egg yolk with the cheese, spread on top of the untoasted side of the bread and place under the grill until golden.
Essentially a medium-size crab cake plopped on an untoasted Kaiser roll with hardly any mayo (it was supposed to be caper mayo), a piece of iceberg lettuce, a tomato and onion slice, it was a poor choice.