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adj. un·tru·er, un·tru·est
1. Contrary to fact; false.
2. Deviating from a standard; not straight, even, level, or exact.
3. Disloyal; unfaithful.

un·tru′ly adv.
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Adv.1.untruly - in a untrue manner; "he silenced the whisperings which connected her, untruly and unfairly, with his separation from his wife"
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My dear Tess, I am only putting this to you as a thing that you might have supposed or said quite untruly, because you think so badly of me.
One of those letters contains some very painful statements, reflecting most untruly and unjustly on my conduct; lies, in short," her Ladyship burst out, losing her dignity, as usual.
Macallan said of her, most untruly, that she painted.