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v. un·tucked, un·tuck·ing, un·tucks
To undo a tuck or tucks in; free from a tuck or fold: I untucked my shirt.
To undo a tuck or tucks.
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Adj.1.untucked - lacking tucks or not being tuckeduntucked - lacking tucks or not being tucked; "the sheet came untucked"; "plain untucked shirt front"
tucked - having tucked or being tucked; "tightly tucked blankets"; "a fancy tucked shirt"
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The old gentleman untucked his arm from his side, and having pointed to one of the oaken presses, immediately replaced it, in its old position.
5/5 Concealment Clothing Untucked, loose-fitting T-shirt (minimum) Average Draw-to-Fire Time 1.
Summary: An office is not the place for an untucked shirt but it's acceptable, even fashionable, anywhere else.
Dad-of-two Lee, 32 - in untucked white shirt and open waistcoat - delivered an embarrassing off-key performance.
For a fitted button-down check to see in a mirror how it looks untucked.
Mahir Ali, the security guard with an untucked blue shirt (who's been working at the site since 2012, and is from Swat in Pakistan) is reluctant to let a newspaper reporter on to the premises of the mosque he guards.
According to research conducted by the brand, men report that one of their biggest frustrations is when their undershirt rides up and becomes untucked.
But an untucked white tee and blue denims are the extent of his fashion imagination.
His unabashed criticism of a hated bailout programme and his casual, untucked shirt and tie-less style has since given him rock star status in Greece.
Untucked button-down shirts, jeans with a suit coat, cowboy boots, hoodies--lm no longer surprised to see any of these fashion choices at formal business events.
Justin wore an untucked white shirt under his red suit and accessorized it with a gold chain.
ShopSmart says: You'll need to wear a long, roomy sweater or an untucked shirt to conceal the zipper gap.