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v. un·tucked, un·tuck·ing, un·tucks
To undo a tuck or tucks in; free from a tuck or fold: I untucked my shirt.
To undo a tuck or tucks.
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Adj.1.untucked - lacking tucks or not being tuckeduntucked - lacking tucks or not being tucked; "the sheet came untucked"; "plain untucked shirt front"
tucked - having tucked or being tucked; "tightly tucked blankets"; "a fancy tucked shirt"
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The old gentleman untucked his arm from his side, and having pointed to one of the oaken presses, immediately replaced it, in its old position.
Washed button down collar shirts can be worn untucked with rolled sleeves for an easy summer look or tucked in under a loose knit cardigan, braided belt, wayfarers and tan loafers or boat shoes to complete the look.
Hilary Swank Photo by Egypt Today/Hussein Tallal Angham Angham Photo by Egypt Today/Hussein Tallal Photo by Egypt Today Photo by Egypt Today Adrian Brody taking the red carpet casually in a black suit with his shirt untucked.
Each of the men sported a cream-colored barong Tagalog, the traditional Philippine shirt made of fiber from the pineapple plant, embroidered and worn untucked.
Yesterday O'Brien, wearing an untucked white shirt with a pink tie, grimaced and put his head in his hands as his crimes were exposed.
The gear had to be concealable beneath a sport coat or an untucked button-down shirt required for many low-profile operations.
It's certainly valid, but it's also true the customer can conceal and carry bigger guns under winter coats than beneath untucked summer T-shirts.
It wears its vulnerability untucked, daring us to look away, until, painful yet necessary phase by phase--and remarkably, despite the odds, yet somehow plausibly so--it redeems.
We love her suit and the statement sleeves on her casually untucked jumper.
Shirt untucked, battered wheely suitcase in hand, the chef is off to find simple tasty grub in some of the best locations.
But the most important element in this look is the simple, untucked white shirt.
LINE OF THE DAY Bobby Madden said sorry to Andy Halliday for his red card - and for red cards he'll soon get for an untucked shirt and failing to brush his hair.