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v. un·twist·ed, un·twist·ing, un·twists
To loosen or separate (something twisted) by turning in the opposite direction; unwind.
To become untwisted.
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Adj.1.untwisted - not twisted; formerly twisted but now straight
straight - having no deviations; "straight lines"; "straight roads across the desert"; "straight teeth"; "straight shoulders"
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He uttered little crooning noises, alternating with sharp cries akin to pain, half-ecstatic, half-petulant, as he drew a black clay pipe from a hole in his ear-lobe, and into the bowl of it, with trembling fingers, untwisted and crumbled the cheap leaf of spoiled Virginia crop.
Not one, but many echoes had caught up the harsh and tuneless sound, untwisted its complicated threads, and found a thousand aerial harmonies in one stern trumpet tone.
I am a rascal and in my dotage; I am an unhappy wretch grown old; a tent-cord untwisted, a pierced cuirass, a boot without a sole, a spur without a rowel; -- but do me the pleasure to add one thing.
It is presenting the Chikankari exhibition, which is an intricate embroidery style, traditionally done with exquisite delicacy of details, using white untwisted yarn on white muslin fabric.
We had to perform laparoscopic surgery, during which the cyst was removed from each ovary, and both ovaries were untwisted to their normal position.
Note slippery), platforms, risers, cokolikw, walls, balustrades with vertical elements, railings, doors, door knobs, switches, contacts, lamps, fenders, paneling, cleaning cornices inside buildings; c) washing any kind of glass the horizontal and vertical mirrors, door with futrynami and windows (outside / inside) and if it is untwisted is also in the center) of the individual panes (wood, metal, etc.
From the Overture, delivered with enthusiastic vigor by the UBC Symphony Orchestra under conductor Jonathan Girard, Director of Orchestras at UBC, to a satisfying finale that untwisted all the plot twists and turns, it was a night that truly celebrated Carnival.
The stomach is untwisted and sutured to the abdominal wall to prevent recurrence.
has no operating viscose Fibre plant and still the import duty on Viscose Staple Fibre is 5% whereas under SRO 567(I)2006 the import duty on Yarn of Viscose Rayon, untwisted or with a twist not exceeding 120 turns per meter (HS Code 5403.
The untwisted area of the cable (directly behind the contact crimp zone) is another potential cause of impedance discontinuities.
He twisted and untwisted his hands, pinched a hangnail between a shaking thumb and forenger and tugged it.