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Chadband, untwisting the point with his dirty thumb-nail, bestows an oily smile on Mr.
He was just about to resume his trudge in the twilight, telling himself it was no affair of his, but instinctively twisting and untwisting twenty theories about what the odd noises might mean.
After first untwisting the strings from the hooks, Hester rose, and held the candle so as to light the cavity in the wall.
While he was busily untwisting the knot with his teeth, the man said something which attracted his attention; whatever that something was, it led to something else, and in the end he and Newman walked away side by side--the strange man talking earnestly, and Newman listening.
Freddie underwent a Ladd's procedure which involved removing the bowel and untwisting it.
The hybrid tire cord includes a nylon primarily twisted yam and an aramid primarily twisted yam, wherein the nylon primarily twisted yam and the aramid primarily twisted yam are secondarily twisted together and after untwisting of the secondary twisting of the hybrid tire cord having a predetermined length, a length of the aramid primarily twisted yam is 1.
Then they cover excluding smooth points and excluding curves; cyclic quotient singular points and excluding and untwisting them; quadratic, elliptic, and invisible elliptic birational involutions; and the proof of the main theorem and how to read the tables.
After untwisting the mass LAVH with BSO was performed.
The resulting structure has been dubbed the hemihelix, and you may have made one yourself by untwisting part of a telephone cord so much that it flips and spirals in the other direction.
Popular theologian Christopher West, whose speech was titled, "Sexual Redemption: Untwisting the Lies and Rejoicing in the Truth,'' has written eight books, with three of the volumes devoted to the Pope John Paul II addresses from 1979 to 1984, totaling 129, known as his "Theology of the Body.
I did the due diligence, ascertained it would need a clockwise action, and started untwisting the first one About a minute later, I was still untwisting it, and realised I had untwisted it so much that I had twisted it in the opposite direction.
I frayed one end by untwisting it with pliers and stuck the other end into my cordless drill chuck.