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The first month's PCN figures are untypical, so it would be inappropriate to use those figures as a basepoint to speculate on PCNs that may be issued and revenue generated over the duration of the contact period, up until 2044.
THE chaos that beset BA over the weekend is sadly not untypical of many businesses and organisations that rely on computers and IT for the control and delivery of their dayto-day operational and commercial activity.
It would be risky and untypical for persons with a combat mission to cross over from Turkey to the Greek islands in a coffin ship", he said.
Boro were good enough to terminate the hopes of the Austrian champions despite displaying a few untypical European jitters at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadion.
Matthew McConaughey stars in a moving true story, affectingly played and made with untypical restraint by McG.
Martin scorsese's untypical 3D children's film is, typically, a work at once both obsessive and affectionate, sweeping deep into a digital clockwork world.
The untypical year has reduced production and quality of wine.
He focuses on three types of questions: what is a typical state of a system, how large the random fluctuations are, and how small the probability is of the system behaving in a specified untypical way.
People who shop here think they've got eclectic taste," explains cross-dressing potter Grayson Perry who is a typically, untypical customer.
Soda, candy and cigars, a visit to the tailor or a trip to the dentist, all found on one corner in Worcester in this early 1900s photo; not untypical of any busy city corner, but this corner was - and still is - busier than most.
The project is seen to be untypical, due to the specific location of the bases of the Polish Medical Air Rescue outside cities, in which is the availability of a telecommunications infrastructure is not that good.
3) Apparently Andre Villas-Boas didn't fancy Gary Cahill, who was bought above his head - and it was certainly untypical of Chelsea to recruit an Englishman from Bolton.