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Adj.1.unuseable - not capable of being used
useless - having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully; "a kitchen full of useless gadgets"; "she is useless in an emergency"
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I find it alarming that following the refurbishment the runway is unuseable due to ice.
In low light, these problems are amplified, making it unuseable.
In a dunk test, the IP67 grade water resistant iPhone 7 easily outperformed the original iPhone, which was rendered unuseable as soon as it was submerged.
Tenders are invited for Improvement & Renovation Of Many Bustee Latrines Almost Remaining In Unuseable & Unhealthy State In Ward No-30
Nicola Sturgeon can keep Scotland in Nato without having Trident - unuseable weapons of mass destruction - on our doorstep, just as Spain , Canada, Poland, Portugal and others do.
The ratio of qualitative Xs to the unuseable ones in the outsourcing unit equals to 263 while its 51 in the unit which is not yet outsourced so there is a meaningful relationship between the two hospitals in means of the ratio of qualitative Xs in both places.
Unfortunately, the CMIM still appears unuseable, either as a co-financing facility in tandem with the IMF or as a stand-alone alternative.
The Norwegian connection was to have continued with some Delius, but in the event the orchestral parts provided by the publishers in the composer's sesquicentenary year proved scandalously unuseable.
Forty-eight of the responses indicated that the company was not currently manufacturing WPM, and five of the responses were unuseable for analysis purposes because they were not filled out appropriately.
Reasons for the unuseable data were one patient had a large V wave, one patient was very agitated while measuring his pulmonary wedge pressure and his respiratory rate was up to 30 breaths per minute and he required sedation, one patient's PA catheter was not able to wedge and, one patient was resting on his left lateral position while the data were collected.
The organs were unuseable when donated but were repaired with a perfusion technique, where an oxygenated solution is pumped over them.