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 (wä-zo͞o′) Vulgar Slang
The anus.
up the wazoo
In great abundance.

[Perhaps alteration of kazoo.]


n, pl -zoos
(Anatomy) offensive slang US a person's bottom or anus
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There is this pervasive belief that brands just ain't what they used to be and that today's consumer--yes those merry Millennials that everyone is licking their lips over--don't want tired old brands and instead are seeking only authentic names with genuine back stories and transparency up the wazoo.
Everything there was Christmas-ed up the wazoo, in either red and green or the black and white of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.
From his time at Plymouth Gin and many other premises, he is connected up the wazoo when it comes to the world of spirits and has put together, with Mojo owner Lewis Lewis, a whole raft of spirit-based evenings.