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Adj.1.upcurved - curving upwardupcurved - curving upward      
curved, curving - having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend; "the curved tusks of a walrus"; "his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard"
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Phallus upcurved, phallotheca almost entirely covering aedeagus, which has a pair of elongate ventral retrose hooks in its distal third.
The big blue Banque Populaire VIII from designers' VPLP & Verdier has large upcurved foils that will vastly reduce the hull's wetted area, and who knows what kind of new angles of sail this monster may achieve.
She swings around, pirouettes, grabs her beer from the bar, chugs it, puts it back, all without lifting the long soft touch of her upcurved fingers from Tim's shoulder.
Apical valves of penis narrow, shorter than valves of cingulum, narrowing at apex; valves of cingulum slightly upcurved, with subacute apex; basal valves of penis robust, slenderly expended at end; dorsal ridge of valves smooth at basal end; gonopore process elongate, narrowing towards truncate apex.
Cerci robust, with the distal portion upcurved, generally spatulated (Fig.
5 times longer than broad; arista short plumose, most aristal setae about 1/2 length of its basal diameter; facial ridge low and flat, lower facial margin slightly projecting, with anterior margin of frons in same vertical plane; gena sparsely covered with dark gray pruinosity, genal height about 1/4 eye height; anterior margin of gena with 2-3 rows of upcurved subvibrissal setulae; postocular setae extending to ventral surface, the upper lateral area of the occiput hairy; proboscis slender, prementum shiny, about 3.
revolute, apex broadly rounded with very short, upcurved mucro.
Gnathos not extending as far to posterior as apex of uncus; distal arras fused and angled obliquely downward with apical region at least lightly upcurved below.
Two of these altars had four horns, the third had slightly upcurved corners.