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Noun1.Upper deck - a higher deckupper deck - a higher deck        
boat deck - the upper deck on which lifeboats are stored
bridge deck, bridge - an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands
deck - any of various platforms built into a vessel
deck-house - a superstructure on the upper deck of a ship
freeboard deck - the uppermost watertight deck
shelter deck, weather deck - upper deck having no overhead protection from the weather, but sheltering the deck below
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While we waited we devoted the time to the con-struction of an upper deck, since the one immediately above the ballast was some seven feet from the gunwale.
I saw him, with my mind's eye, on the schooner on which he worked, wearing nothing but a pair of dungarees; and at night, when the boat sailed along easily before a light breeze, and the sailors were gathered on the upper deck, while the captain and the supercargo lolled in deck-chairs, smoking their pipes, I saw him dance with another lad, dance wildly, to the wheezy music of the concertina.
High on the upper deck, in a little nook among the everywhere predominant cotton-bales, at last we may find him.
In fact, I remember the placid exaltation with which I took up my position on the forward upper deck, directly beneath the pilot-house, and allowed the mystery of the fog to lay hold of my imagination.
She was leaning over, with part of her upper deck above water, and you could see every little chimbly-guy clean and clear, and a chair by the big bell, with an old slouch hat hanging on the back of it, when the flashes come.
As Tarzan boarded his ship after what seemed a most tedious wait to him, two men watched him from an upper deck.
All the officers seem to be gathered around that mysterious structure on the upper deck.
They passed a ferryboat, and the passengers on the upper deck crowded to one side to watch them.
Everybody sat on the upper deck, on benches, under an awning; everybody talked, laughed, and exclaimed at the wonder scenery; in truth, a trip on that lake is almost the perfection of pleasuring.
I am going to send you away of my own free will; so go, cut some beams of wood, and make yourself a large raft with an upper deck that it may carry you safely over the sea.
Count Vogelstein had finished his cigar, and he spent a long time in walking up and down the upper deck.
the upper decks of steamboats, but generally speaking, the hurricane's

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