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A student in the junior or senior class of a secondary school or college.


n, pl -men
(Education) a junior or senior student in an American high school, college, or university


(ˈʌp ərˈklæs mən, -ˈklɑs-)

n., pl. -men.
a junior or senior in a secondary school or college.
[1870–75, Amer.]
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She has been a member of various clubs and organizations since her freshman year of high school and has been elected president, as an upperclassman, to several of those clubs by faculty and peers.
Among the most popular were scalding steambaths, 'crawling' (being insulted by an upperclassman whose jaw was one inch from the plebe's nose), 'bracing' (standing at rigid attention for long periods of time), 'eagling' (deep knee bends over broken glass), paddling, sliding naked on a splintered board, and running a gauntlet of upperclassmen tossing buckets of cold water on the plebe.
University Architect Alice Raucher said included in the plan for Brandon Avenue is another upperclassman student residential complex and the expansion of the Elson Student Health Center.
Whether you're a freshman beginning a new, exciting chapter in your life, or a seasoned upperclassman returning to campus, there's nothing like the first week of the semester back to college.
Finding one another sparks first love, tender and sweet, tentative and questioning, until an upperclassman distracting Carolina causes a rift, and then the teens take the train into Chicago and encounter Trevor's mother and Carolina's father--on a date.
As for the terrifying teacher, can you arrange for an inexpensive tutor, maybe an upperclassman who knows sines, cosines, science or EspaHol?
are facing a lawsuit for disciplining an upperclassman student for loudly preaching during school events.
Incoming SLA students form small groups led by a teacher and an upperclassman and then fan out across the city to develop questions, observe how people use urban space, and record their observations.
Prom is a huge part of being an upperclassman in high school.
It is here that the time travel part begins and Cosmo meets his grandfather as a teenage servant to an upperclassman and his daughter.
First runner-up, upperclassman category: Bobby Emmett from Penn State Erie Behrend: "Traffic Light.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Varsity ice hockey, Grades 9-12, captain, Grades 11 and 12, MVP, Grade 12; All-ISL, Grades 11 and 12; varsity field hockey, Grades 9-12, captain, Grades 11 and 12, two-time MVP, All ISL, Grades 11 and 12; varsity softball, Grades 9-12; captain, Grade 12; monitor, one of eight seniors elected by both faculty and students as representatives of the school to deans and head of school; upperclassman peer tutor, math and English; president of St.